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Newham BID Signage Project


Newham BID, in association with Parc Signs, have put up new signs across Newham to direct visitors to your business and to make a bright visual impact to encourage visitors.  Fifteen of the proposed twenty signs are now in place with a further five proposed including an advertising sign opposite the exit to Tesco. Further information on how businesses can advertise on the signs will follow in Summer 2017. For a map of the locations of the signs, click here


Truro City Council support 

On the 6th August Alison, the Newham BID Manager, presented to Truro City Council Planning Committee to gain support for the scheme which resolved the following:

RESOLVED that the project was supported in principle, however clarification needed to be sought on the planning process and Truro City Councils involvement, and that an official planning application be submitted by Newham BID for permission to erect the signs.

A copy of the report submitted to Truro City Council can he found here.

Latest sign designs - next stage planning 

The latest sign designs, with their zone colours, for across Newham can be found here


Businesses asked to sign off Newham BID signage plans

After a successful Signage Information Event on the 20th April, businesses across Newham are being asked to sign off the proposed signs across Newham, prior to the next Newham BID committee on the 11th May, so that progress on planning can be made. 


Newham BID Signage Information Event 20th April @ Skinners Brewery 

Newham BID will be holding an information event to present the proposed signs for the Newham & Port of Truro Signage project at Skinners Brewery between 9.30 am and 2 pm on Monday 20th April 2015.

Now Phase 1, the installation of the official Highways Signs is complete, Newham BID would like to present its proposals to businesses before submitting an application for planning and installing the signs.

Please join Alison on Monday 20th April to talk about the proposed signage map and the proposed signs.

Please note the following:

  • The signs, installation and maintenance will be funded by Newham BID.
  • Even although you may be included you do not need to take part or have a sign, it's up to you, although we'd welcome your participation. 
  • If your business is not included in the proposed signs and you'd like to be please contact Alison and she can look at adding you in.
  • All proposed sign positions are subject to landowner agreement. 
  • All businesses will be contacted to check they are happy with their business name proposed for the signs.
  • The business names on all signs can easily be changed if tenants move in or out of premises.
  • The proposed signage zones will be linked to a Newham & The Port of Truro website which will be developed in the next 12 months to further assist wayfinding.
  • The installation for all the signs will be subject to planning approval. 


Changing Brands & Parc Signs chosen to deliver Newham BID Signage project

After a formal tender process, Penryn based branding company, Changing Brands, and St Austell based signage company Parc Signs will be delivering the signage project across Newham.  Consultation with businesses will take place over the next couple of months (April - May 2015).  Further updates will also be given on the Newham BID Facebook Page here.

In March official Highways signs were installed along Newham Road - the designs and locations can be found here.

During the Newham BID Committee meeting on the 6th May 2014 it was agreed, that on the basis of the feasibility study, the BID would tender for the delivery of the Signage project. 

In December 2013 the Newham BID commissioned Falmouth company 20/20 to undertake a feasibility study for the Newham BID Signage Project.  The final report for the study is available here