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Notice of Ballot

To see a copy of the Notice of Ballot form that was sent out to the business voter, click here.    


Results of Ballot

On the 28th June 2013 it was announced that Newham voted 'YES' to the Newham Business Improvement District.

Peter Beaumont, Chairman of the BID Committee, "It is fantastic that the businesses of Newham have decided to collectively take a more active role in the stewardship of this important trading area.  I look forward to seeing the area benefit from the BID following the recent 'yes' vote."




Number of electors                                 118

Number of votes cast                              77

Total turnout                                              65.25%

Total Rateable value of votes cast        Â£2,228,800


Number of 'YES' Votes                             64

% 'YES' Votes                                            83.12%

Rateable value of 'YES'votes              Â£1,940,850

% of Rateable value'YES' votes            87.08%


Number of 'NO' votes                            13

% 'NO' votes                                            16.88%

Rateable value of 'NO' votes                Â£287,950

% of rateable value 'NO' votes              12.92%