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CCTV project

Newham BID have appointed Newquay based CDA Solutions to install Hi Tech CCTV cameras across Newham & The Port of Truro.

Our CCTV project has 24 cameras live across Newham along with associated signage.  The CCTV covers the whole area of Newham providing vulnerable areas with protection, monitoring activity, as well as acting as a deterrent.  To see a map of the area of CCTV coverage please click here

Access to CCTV footage is by authorised personnel only and there is a CCTV policy regarding its use which is available on request. If you feel you have a legitimate claim to see footage, please email Mel at 

For the latest press release regarding the project please click here. 

Please contact Mel Richardson, Newham BID Manager if you have any questions regarding the project or if you'd like to get involved. 



Please note: this tender is now closed.  A decision on the company delivering this project will be made and publicised soon. 

The Newham BID Final proposal states: “Hi-tech CCTV cameras can be installed on the estate at various locations to give vulnerable areas coverage, both as a deterrent and to enable activity to be monitored”.

During the Newham BID Committee meeting on the 6th May the Committee agreed to tender for the Newham BID CCTV project  based on the following scope found here.  A PDF of the specific locations can be found here.