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BID Boundary

If your business is located within the boundary, then you are included in the BID. The Newham boundary is easily identifiable and includes all properties in Newham except Curry's, Staples and Tesco's which are in the city centre BID.

If the Newham BID is successful at ballot, then every business within that boundary, with the exception of those with a rateable value of below £2,800, will be liable for a 2.5% levy of rateable value. If you're rateable value is below £2,800 and you want to reap the benefits of the BID you can become a voluntary member; please contact us for further information.

List of streets included in the BID - either whole or in part:

LOWER NEWHAM                                    HERON WAY                     HIGHER NEWHAM LANE
NEWHAM BUSINESS VILLAGE             GAS HILL                            NEWHAM ROAD
HARVEY ROAD                                         LOWER TERRACE           LIGHTERAGE HILL
LOWER QUAY                                           EDHEN PARK                   LIGHTERAGE QUAY