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About Newham BID

The Newham BID was launched in September 2013.  A budget of around £420,000 which will be raised over the next five years will address the following projects:

Priority 1 - Access & Attractiveness

Install signage boards

Road access and public realm issues

Maintenance and cleanliness

Car parking and public transport

What We Have Achieved and What Our Plans Are:

  • Installed 16 Newham & The Port of Truro signage boards providing better navigation and an enhanced profile for Newham businesses. A further 4 signs will be installed subject to owner consent including an entry sign with map by HSBC and a sign opposite Tesco which will encourage visitors to 'turn left' to Newham and visit our businesses.  This sign will include the opportunity for Newham businesses to advertise on a number of slots along with a similar opportunity further down Newham near Gas Hill. New interpretative and directional sign planned for Compton Castle and the subway near M&S on Lemon Quay
  • Negotiated for most of Newham Road and Heron Way to be resurfaced by Cormac at a cost of £240,000 providing a better road surface for vehicles - this work was funded by the Local Authority not BID funds
  • Currently working in partnership with Cornwall Council and Cormac to secure further funding for road improvements between Gas Hill and Lighterage Hill - road widening and cantilevered dual footpath/cycle path to make access safer for vehicles and pedestrians. The scheme is dependent upon £2.6M of funds being identified and whilst the proposal has been earmarked as a priority on Cornwall Council's transport plans, it will only progress if suitable funding can be identified and consents can be granted.  Businesses on Newham have indicated that this project would be welcome.  Newham BID is continuing a dialogue with Cornwall Council to see how this project can progress
  • Solved issues of access for businesses on Higher Newham Lane through brokering an arrangement between the owner of the road and Amtrac Security Services to prevent cars from parking on the road which had impeded business access and created safety issues
  • Plans are in the pipe line for public realm improvements on Newham where appropriate - benches, interpretation, further landscaping - to make Newham a more attractive environment for employees and visitors. A LEADER funding application is being prepared for this project
  • Assisted Truro Rivers Working Group (TRWG) with their application for LEADER funding for a feasibility study into Truro Loops, an ambitious and innovative project that could open up walking/cycle only routes around the Truro river waterfront. This project could ultimately include an iconic bridge connecting Newham with Malpas.
  • Lobbied for drainage on Newham Road where the road floods between HSBC and Tesco
  • Co-ordinated maintenance works on Higher Newham Lane
  • Awarded a maintenance contract to Kernow Tree Surgery who keep Newham looking tidy through the maintenance of grassland, hedges and other communal areas from March to November each year
  • Negotiated regular monitoring of litter collection and fly tipping with Biffa who check Newham once a week as part of their regular patrols and clear up rubbish.  Consideration also being given to the organisation of community litter picks
  • Bus service trialled for employees of Newham; however, trial proved a long term service was not a viable option
  • Investigation of car parking opportunities with various organisations including deals on long term season tickets at Garras Wharf


Priority 2 - Safety & Security 

CCTV technology

Business to Business Information Sharing

Developing links with the police

Homeless and Community Agencies


What We Have Achieved and What Our Plans Are:

  • Installed 27 CCTV cameras across Newham & Port of Truro including ANPR (vehicle number recognition cameras) and infra red zoom lens (to enable good facial recognition in poor lighting) and associated signage. Evidence that cameras are helping to deter and detect crime and assist with insurance claims for Newham businesses.  Further CCTV to be installed in March 2018 to complete the scheme and deter 'boy racer' activity, theft and vandalism
  • Productive relationships established with the Police to share CCTV footage and the reporting of incidents including anti-social behaviour issues.  BID Manager attends Partners and Communities Together (PACT) meetings and has reported anti social behaviour issues taking place on Newham Road by the riverside on behalf of businesses.  Liaison has taken place with The Home Office and Cornwall Council and consideration is being given to extending the alcohol exclusion zone to cover Newham

Priority 3 - Services to Business 

Cost cutting measures for businesses

Marketing your business

Marketing Newham

What We Have Achieved and What Our Plans Are:

  • Currently considering trialling a cost cutting service for Newham Businesses (funded by the BID) working with a company who has saved other levy paying businesses thousands of pounds in other BID areas.  More information to follow.
  • Developed a Newham & Port of Truro brand now used on signage, website etc and adopted by some businesses on their letterheads raising the profile of Newham
  • Developed a new outward facing website - with a page for every levy payer, promotion of special business offers, job vacancies, units to let and walking/cycling information on Newham & Port of Truro (this project is linked to the tender to be issued in June 2017)
  • Took out an advert on a billboard opposite Truro railway station for a trial period
  • Appointed DCA (following successful tender in June 2017, to run a year long PR and marketing contract to promote Newham businesses driving footfall/clients to Newham with the aim of businesses seeing a return on their levy investment in terms of additional sales/new clients etc.  This includes fortnightly full editorial pages in the West Briton as well as on line at Cornwall Live, social media promotions, videos of Newham businesses and short films promoting our riverside district on the Truro Park and Ride network.  Feedback from businesses suggests that the campaign is working well.
  • Represented the interests of businesses on Higher Newham Lane including successfully challenging a residential planning application for employment land which it was feared would adversely impact the ability for businesses on the Lane to trade successfully
  • New pocket sized map/directory listing every business on Newham to be published in March 2018 and circulated across Newham and other Truro outlets


You can download the Final proposal for the creation of the Newham Business Improvement District  here